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  • Marissa Burr, Opinion Section Assistant Editor

Romanticizing Your Autumn Days

By Marissa Burr

The mid-semester slump is upon us, and this year it has hit me hard.

October is normally my favorite month out of the year because it means my birthday, pumpkins, sweaters, apple cider, flannels and cooler weather. I love the whole aesthetic of autumn.

This year though, instead of being excited for all of my favorite fall activities, I’ve been stuck in a somber mood because my time is taken up by essays, tests, projects, reading, and meetings. By the time classes are over and all the homework is done, it’s time to go to sleep for work the next morning.

I didn’t want to waste the entire season in this slump so I pulled out one of my favorite tools: romanticizing your life to make it more enjoyable. This was super easy for me to do during my favorite season.

I keep the windows open during the day in order to let the cool breeze in. It also allows me to keep sweaters, sweatpants, and fuzzy socks on all day long. Those closest to me know that I love being comfy but hate being too hot so this way I can have both.

Instead of turning on the bright white ones in my home, I only keep the warm fairy lights going while I’m working. It gives the room a nice glow and reduces the headaches I get from my eyes straining over textbooks in fluorescents. String lights are hung in every room.

In the mornings, I’ll make a pumpkin spice latte with my coffee maker to give me some energy for the day. At night if I need a pick-me-up while doing homework, I grab a mug full of cocoa with whipped cream. Hot drinks are one of my favorite treats once it gets cold out.

A habit I picked up during my first semester of college was to listen to soft music while I work and Spotify has a great playlist called “Instrumental Pop Covers” that is always on repeat at my place.

If you’re struggling right now (like I am) with too much school work and not enough time to enjoy the little things, it’s okay. Sometimes you have to tell yourself that it’s okay to take breaks or not spend all night cramming in the library. I know that as a writer, some of my best ideas have come from those little spots of relaxation I made in my home. Life is too short to not spend it enjoying yourself.

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