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“Quadrangle 72” submissions open now until Feb. 1

By: Courtney Lyons, Contributor

Submissions for the 72nd publication of the Quadrangle (Q72) are open now and close on Feb. 1, 2024. The Quadrangle is Canisius University’s literary and arts magazine, which celebrates all art — from prose to poetry to pictures. Emma Radel, a senior in her first year as co-editor-in-chief, cheerfully described it as an “amalgamation of creative pieces from all throughout the campus community” since student, alumnus and faculty works are all featured. 

Q72’s theme is “Climate: The world and our place in it.” When asked about the process of crafting a theme, Radel said, “The idea is to take something a little bit more broad about the college experience — or about something that’s unique to our experience as university students — and then to open up the door for lots of interpretations to it.” Radel said she and her co-editors-in-chief Maeve Devine and Mason Bowes gravitated towards “Climate” because it takes a “zoom-out approach,” which differs from Quadrangle’s more recent, retrospective-centric themes of “In-Progress” and “Legacy.” 

“Climate” focuses on the “people and food and culture you are surrounded by that end up creating who you are.” As Radel states, “We wanted a broader perspective on people and to essentially see how people are, in some ways, a product of their environment.” Radel reiterates that one can submit whatever they wish, even if it does not necessarily conform to the theme. The macroscopic layout, design and structure of the magazine will adhere to the grand “Climate” theme regardless of whether all of the microscopic works do. 

Those interested in contributing to this year’s Quadrangle can submit their original work via the link found in either the magazine’s Instagram account (@quadranglemag) or the QR code on the daily Today@Canisius emails. The intention is to preserve anonymity in all submissions, and the Submittable website has clear instructions on how to ensure a submission is anonymous. Radel stated, “Nobody has any way of knowing who’s written what until after it’s been accepted,” for the necessary cover letter on all submissions is disabled until deliberations have ended.

Q72 will be unveiled on the evening of Ignatian Scholarship Day, which is scheduled for April 17, 2024. It is a culmination of Canisius University’s creativity, rewarded with the first presentation of Q72’s physical copy. 

Radel welcomes and encourages all to submit any art to be highlighted in the Quadrangle and looks forward to discovering the Canisius community’s different interpretations of “Climate.” Any questions can be directed to her at or the e-board at

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