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  • Alyssa Kornacki

Poll reveals students’ thoughts on dining options

By: Alyssa Kornacki, Contributor

Many students, residents and commuters have experienced Canisius’s dining options on campus, whether it is through something from the Tim Hortons on campus, catering for a club or organization event or eating at the Social House, previously known as the dining hall. The Griffin surveyed the student body and asked for them to share their thoughts on dining on campus, and the feedback received was overwhelming.

First, students have expressed that they are upset about the loss of Shoppe 120. Many resident students who enjoyed a sweet treat during the late night hours have noticed the bottom of the Palisano Pavilion basement where Shoppe 120 was formerly located is now empty. Students noted that they feel the student culture and conversations that used to take place in that location have disappeared completely and that they miss having a close option to their dorms.

This year, students have also taken note that the dining option for Iggy’s has now been removed from campus: it seems Chartwells Catering is now calling this location True Burger. When we asked the student population their thoughts on the food at True Burger, they were disappointed. Many students noted it was a “huge downgrade since last year,” and another specifically mourned the loss of the chicken quesadilla. The overall consensus was that the wait times have increased, and the food quality and options have decreased.

However, students also expressed that they enjoy the changes at the Market under Old Main. Many students noted that they “really like the new taco and bowl bar.” Based on the poll, this location has gained popularity, and many students will stop for a quick bite to eat or even grab a snack with the new self-checkout system.

Circling back to the dining hall, the student body expressed that they did not like that the options do not seem to change and that there is less variety this year than last. Residents noted that they are sick of the same meals, and one student shared, “I have been eating the same 4-5 things all year.” The new meal swipe system also received some negative reviews. Many resident students expressed their displeasure with it and shared that if they only use a low amount of swipes each week, the rest of the week’s swipes disappear.

The poll suggested that many students feel this new system was not communicated well enough to parents and students, and they are unhappy that they cannot work through their meals throughout the semester like they did in previous years.

Commuter students reported being very unhappy with the changes to the dining hall, as well. Students shared that they were displeased with the removal of the á la carte option for lunch and the increase in cost for them.

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