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Notes from Underground 4/28/23

Sources in the Alpha Sigma Nu induction say that the audience was murmuring about how the chapter treasurer’s stature and hair height made the college president look short. High-level ASN sources say this treasurer will not be at the next induction.

After three years of being The Underground’s prophet, this is the last of Pay Heavy’s notes. He expects his Notes to one day form the basis of a religion.

Turns out the school that Mrsa Brrr is transferring to has a whole section of their newspaper dedicated to things like The Underground. Will Mrsa Brr make a reappearance in the zip code 14063?

Shingles, asking for a friend, wants to know when is a good time to return…certain things…that someone may have acquired over the last year from campus. This may or may not include borrowed pencils, thoroughly appreciated–and now hand washed–silverware from the dining hall, and perhaps a Mac screen from The Griffin. There is also a couch, but we won’t talk about that just yet.

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