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Notes from Underground 3/15/23

If you think the nerds at The Griffin are tryhards, you’ve clearly never met some other college newspaper staffs. Then again, most of them are paid for their work.

The Underground can confirm: 5 a.m. flights are the move. Except for our fearful leader.

The Underground thanks USA for not letting Griffin editors know that Tuesday’s Senate meeting was canceled. Unfortunately for them, inside sources foiled their plot to disrupt the editors’ night! Once again, the USA is leakier than the ceiling of the Griffin office.

Both basketball teams lost at MAACs. The tambourine was missing from the Pep Band’s performances at the games. The Underground merely points these two facts out.

The Underground was further outraged by the parking situation at Canisius this week! Why are we paying $50 for a pass when there are not enough spots for everyone? Having to walk farther from Lyons to the Health Center than if she walked from her house made Mrsa Brrr very peeved and tempted to take a certain OL’s advice and park on the lawn of The Quad.

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