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Notes from Underground 11/18/22

By Pattick Heave

The Underground innocently observes that, since 1966, alternating Canisius presidents have been a former Griffin Managing Editor who graduated from St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute and whose last name ends in the “ee” sound.

The Underground advises President Stoute to never travel to Reston, Virginia. As host city of one of the two main offices of the College Board, Reston probably put him on its blacklist after his decision to not allow the SAT in future college admissions decisions.

Canisius’s dining services contract is up for bid. The Underground was impressed by the Canisius faculty and staff’s Thanksgiving sit-down dinner this past week and proposes that they offer to become the new dining provider. That’d certainly be one way for the school to save money.

President Stoute’s decision to make Canisius admissions test-free beginning in 2024 has The Underground jealous of current high school juniors. The Underground thinks it only right that, in celebration of the move, the rest of the semester be made test-free for all classes.

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