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Notes from the Underground 8/22/23

The Underground would like to wish the freshman reading this a Happy Orientation Week! Cheers to a successful future at Canisius University!

To the freshmen not reading this, The Underground would like to say, you’re lame.

The Underground decided to be quirky and different by deleting Tik Tok for the summer. Subsequently, they are useless is any discourse surrounding the following: Taylor Swift, her eras, Barbenheimer, girl dinners, warning civilians about pickpockets.

To make up for the abundance of humid heat and stark lack of air conditioning in Bosch and Frisch, The Underground will be giving away free deodorant to all freshmen effective immediately.

Canisius’ social media presence has been poppin’ with the new logo release content over the summer. They have been diligently working on creating “C.U.” puns that students already came up with six months ago.

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