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Notes from the Underground

Jason Francey has reported having the most “refreshing and rejuvenating” few weeks while The Griffin and C-Block have been attending events out of state. With the time he usually spends answering Maddy Lockwood’s emails, Jason has been able to take up crocheting and will be selling his pieces in the Petey Store next semester. 

Little Theatre has announced two more shows they’ll be putting on before the end of the semester. We’re just wondering if they ever take a break, or sleep for that matter. Like, didn’t “Pippin” just happen? 

Canisius will be hosting its own version of the Oscars, called the Peteys, to celebrate the most on-brand moments of the year for Canisius. The current nominees are the Lyons Hall Fire Scare, the Return of the Water Spot in The Griffin Office, and Retro Bingo with outdated prizes. Stay tuned for the winner!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend! If you see a leprechaun be careful, it may be former Canisius president John Hurley.

On a serious note, The Underground urges everyone to stay inside on St. Patrick’s Day. The Underground fears nothing on 364 days of the year, but on St. Patrick’s Day… well… let’s just say The Underground still hasn’t recovered from its most recent leprechaun attack.

The Underground shouts out The Scarlett of Clark University.

The Underground would like to make note that during our most recent outing to La Jolla, CA, the male members of staff were allowed to board before the girls…every time…during women’s history month. We would also like to make note that it was our female Editor-in-Chief who arranged that. Sounds like a case of some internalized misogyny to me.

Fyodor Dostoevsky has kindly asked The Underground to fairly compensate him with royalties every time we use his original novella title “Notes from the Underground.” We have yet to hear back from him as he is six feet under.

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