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Notes from the Underground 2/10/23

Pay Heavy, founder of The Underground, has officially entered his Taylor Swift year. May it be filled with a love story, minimal bad blood and endless wildest dreams. We’ve been enchanted to have him lead us.

The Underground wonders who was the first person to see an earthquake. It must have been a groundbreaking experience for them. It must have been a real knee shaking experience… bones rattling… one might say jarring.

The Underground has left their laptop open, and a new contributor to this cute little box has arrived. Shingles would like to encourage people to not wallow in their loneliness this Valentine’s Day. There are so many things that a person could do instead! Make yourself cards, buy flowers and candy for yourself or watch movies. Horror movies are the best to make you feel that you are not alone this Valentine’s Day! Shingles is bouncing with excitement to celebrate their birthday and buy half-off Valentine’s Day junk. Shingles would also like to announce that if there is a blank spot in this box, Shingles will fill it.

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