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  • Patrick Healy

Notes from the Underground 12/10/21

Congratulations to Jenna French, former Griffin News Editor, on graduating this semester. Thanks for your work and friendship. #ParkingRampIsFallingApart

Congratulations also to Lauren Schifley on graduating early and studying abroad. You’ve been the backbone of the paper for the past three years. I’ll never think about colors the same way.

The Underground thinks that all politicians should have to be teachers first so they gain experience dealing with children.

We couldn’t just use a 24-hour clock? We have literally infinite numbers, and we choose to repeat 1-12 twice. Along with the imposition of AP Style on newspapers everywhere and the use of imperial units over metric units, The Underground thinks this is truly what is holding America back from greatness.

The Underground thanks Amazon for setting the book rental return date for Dec. 13, right before exams start.

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