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Notes From The Underground 12/1/2023

The Underground would like to ask if we could please turn the thermostat up a little bit in the library? We might as well be doing homework at Forest Lawn, where we’d be just as warm and, frankly, it’d be much more quiet.

On the other hand, turn it the hell down in Old Main — especially in the bathrooms. It’s already sweat-inducing enough to have to take a quick “#2” in the 15-minute break between classes, but the thermostat being at 85 certainly makes matters worse.

Clubs and organizations have started their pre-holiday, pre-finals programming, keeping us students jolly and fed. Although no amount of sweet treats can assuage the widely felt burnout, we encourage them to keep trying.

Student leaders across majors and classes were inducted into the Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society on Thursday. Sadly, none of the inductees had enough free time in their packed G-Cals to actually attend the ceremony.

The Underground is very upset over the recent struggles of our beloved Buffalo Bills. The Underground is disappointed that it was passed over for the position of offensive coordinator but would like to be the first to throw its hat in the ring for the position of head coach, which The Underground anticipates and thinks should be open soon.

It’s December! The Underground hopes that all of you have been good this year, or else a certain jolly man will not be happy. And you know what he’s capable of…

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