• Patrick Healy

Notes from the Underground 11/19/21

The Underground was disappointed to find out that Oklahoma’s motto is “labor omnia vincit” (work conquers all) instead of “We’re OK.” And where do they come off speaking Latin? It’s hard enough to take a state shaped like a frying pan seriously, but their senior U.S. senator is famous for trying to make English the official language of the United States.

Speaking of Senator Inhofe, the “Inhofe Amendment” would have every new citizen pass an American history test. That’s cute come from a guy who thinks gay people are a new phenomenon, denies Amerians’ impact on the climate, and represents a state whose land has been occupied by non-English speakers for 99% of its human history.

The Underground hopes Santa is as generous with his gifts as Jets QB Mike White was with handing out interceptions on Sunday. And White was a Santa for the 21st century! Not only generous, but inclusive and equitable too: he gave one to every member of the Bills’ secondary.

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