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Notes from The Underground 1/27/23

It’s come to the attention of The Underground that we need a different title for The Basement Of Palisano Where Shoppe 120 And Fusion Are. The Underground suggests, for starters, the catchy acronym TBOPWS120AFA or a shortened version: BOP (Basement of Palisano). The place really is bopping these days, and it deserves a better name.

Newest member of The Underground Mrsa Brrr brings more recruits including Rizzler Shingles who brings ideas for new fundraisers in order to repair The Griffin’s club room to help out the less fortunate. Shingles suggests applying on Indeed for the Dallas Cowboys kicker position, as she could not be much worse than the current one.

The Underground doesn’t think the caller deserved the hate he got at SPB’s grocery bingo, but where were the canned goods? Kids these days just don’t understand the value of hearty staples like black beans, corn and sweet peas.

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