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Notes from the Underground 09/16/21

It’s too bad there’s no Congressional Cheese Caucus. If composed of both Democrats and Republicans, the CCC could prove to be a truly bi-parmesean group.

The Underground wishes to congratulate former Canisius basketball player Chris Manhertz on catching Trevor Lawrence’s first career touchdown. The Underground is adopting the Jaguars as its second favorite NFL team.

The Underground thinks it's easier to get *on* the ballot in California than it to *get* a ballot in Texas.

Against the Steelers, the Bills receivers were covered like a Canisius parking lot. Absolutely no room for them to go, leading them to depend on the run (to class) game.

The Underground wishes ESPN focused more on LeBron James and created meaningful stats such as 2nd player in Suns franchise history to record two triple-doubles in his first four career playoff games since 2018.

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