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Notes from The Underground 04/29/22

Are we just not going to talk about how the new USA E-board is Jahare, Jillian, Jake, and Julia? AND that the new editor of The Griffin is a different Julia? Rarely does the tenth letter of the alphabet hold so much sway.

The Underground is currently taking bets on which will come first: the new parking lot being installed or Jesus returning.

Reminder: next week is The Griffin’s MUD edition. What that means: for the first time all year, we’re going to report real news.

The Griffin award for biggest coincidence of the year goes to Josh Allen’s girlfriend for having her birthday three days after her boyfriend was scheduled to visit Canisius.

The Underground thanks our staff’s graduating seniors: Aidan, for always texting back right away. April, for your calm demeanor and thoughtful articles. Jenna, for your kindness. Jay, for your jokes (Thursday nights will never be as funny without you) and general chillness. Adam, for putting in the work every week without complaint. Khalil, for your honesty and wit.

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