• Grace Brown

Notes from the Underground 04/22/22

The Griffin endorses all senior USA candidates. All of the time and energy devoted to this arduous campaign is quite admirable. This election is sure to make some real change in student government.

The Underground would like some recommendations on when it is appropriate to submit assignments for a “recommended” due date.

If it is true that Punxsutawney Phil died right before Groundhog's day, does that mean they were forced to find a last-minute replacement – a potentially, less professional fill-in Phil? Maybe this explains why the weather can’t choose one season over the other…

The Underground would like to know if there is a probability equation that can be run to determine how many students will back out of extra-curricular events at the last minute. If there are x number of students in the class, and y number of students volunteer to attend, how can we calculate z, the total amount of students who will actually show up? Inquiring on behalf of the English Department.

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