• Patrick Healy

Notes from the Underground 04/08/22

The Underground proposes a mask-burning event at GriffFest. They’re going in the garbage anyway! And Canisius will love it — it won’t cost anything.

The Underground thanks the City of Buffalo for having the left turn arrow appear before the pedestrians on the Main Street crosswalk. We especially appreciate that the buttons to signal when a pedestrian wants to cross don’t work anymore. Thankfully, our president and president-elect are both lawyers, so Canisius should be able to get some money out of it if The Underground gets hit.

The MAAC baseball schedule-maker has The Underground’s respect. After being miserable for a month straight, the weather makes a miraculous turn into the 50s just as the Griffs return to Buffalo.

The Underground thanks the Student Planning Board for giving away tickets for a Josh Allen photo opportunity during The Griffin’s Thursday editorial meeting. Coverage of SPB definitely won’t be colored because of that.

Can anybody tell The Underground when Giving Day was?

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