• Patrick Healy

Notes from the Underground 03/18/22

The Underground would like to note that hell is empty, all the devils are here and all the good quotes are taken.

Old Main is a pretty dull name for a building, but Young Main would be an intriguing name for a rapper. The Underground enthusiastically releases all copyrights to this title for purposes of RHA Royals.

Canisius just updated its website design, and The Underground has to admit: not bad. We’re definitely not biased by the fact that News Editor Natalie Faas is in the opening photograph.

The Underground thanks the USA Finance Board for not holding meetings during the entire month of April. No doubt club leaders will just go to the other body which distributes student tax money to clubs…

Monday’s Council of Representatives meeting went well. With all due respect to the USA executive board, The Underground has to chalk this one up in the “pizza solves everything but obesity” column.

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