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New USA Executive Board is Ready to Take on the Challenge

The Undergraduate Student Association (USA) hosted their annual election for their executive board the week before spring break.

In the weeks leading up to the election, the three candidates debated. Then, voting opened. Posters littered the campus and it was by no means an easy election.

The winners were announced Friday, March 18 in an email to all undergrads. The email announced that Jahare Hudson was elected as USA president, Jillian Galanti as executive vice president, Jake McLaughlin as vice president of business and finance and Julia Slazyk as vice president of marketing and public relations (VPMPR).

When asked why each of them wanted to run for executive board, each candidate touched on their top priorities. Hudson, for one, wants the focus of USA next year to be on uniting the campus community.

“One of my visions was to rebuild the foundation of USA. And as I said in that speech, it was one rooted in love, compassion and caring for one another. And that's just something that we need to bring back,” Hudson said, “And what does that look like? That looks like revitalizing visions.”

Galanti is excited to get to work helping club leaders with engagement and being visible to the other undergraduate students. “I just want to be more present with clubs and go to events and stuff like that, because I do enjoy going to those, but I don't have a lot of time to do it,” Galanti said

McLaughlin, who will lead the Finance Board, is ready to put in the work getting clubs the funds that they need. McLaughlin said of his priorities, “One word: money.” On a more serious note, McLaughlin said, “I'm excited to work together with a nice group of highly motivated and qualified individuals and make a difference for Canisius in our own separate facets and, in my particular sense, allow clubs to be able to get the money they need when they need it and try to solidify any issues that were around last semester.”

The final member of the team is Julia Slazyk, who will serve as the VPMPR. She is looking forward to trying something new. “I think my past experience on other executive boards has allowed me to see what my strengths and weaknesses are and what kind of strengths I could bring to this executive board. In terms of change, I guess I never thought I would be in a position of marketing and PR with my major,” Slazyk said. “I don't know, just bringing my different strengths and weaknesses to a new part of the school.”

With senate elections beginning soon, it is clear that this new executive board is optimistic about the upcoming school year. With the struggles that USA faced this year, it seems the team of four and the organization itself is ready to move past the election drama and get to work.

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