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  • Sydney Umstead

New director of Public Safety steps in

By: Sydney Umstead, News Editor 

As of Jan., Canisius hired a new director of Public Safety, Clayton Staton, who formerly worked as a state trooper and detective. 

Staton served in the Navy, as well as both the Army and Navy Reserves. He received the National Defense Medal for his work. Staton founded The Cadet Corps in 1996.  

  Director Clayton Staton reached out to the Canisius community to address the stolen Hyundai and KIA vehicles that had been taken from the surrounding area. In the email, Staton cited a “highly publicized TikTok KIA challenge” as being the reason behind the thefts. 

Staton suggested that Public Safety be informed of where KIA or Hyundai vehicles are located on campus to help prevent the vehicles from being stolen. 

In an interview with The Griffin, Staton also noted increasing the amount of Public Safety officers on campus, as there is currently a shortage of personnel on campus. 

Within his new position, Staton mentioned that he wanted to focus on building a relationship with students attending the University. 

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