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Mission Hundred Days: The Fall of Ms. Canisius

Natalie Faas, Soon to be irrelevant

Reflecting on my time at Canisius seems a little silly for some reason. I have planned out this article a thousand times and yet, now that I am sitting down to write it, I have a bit of writer's block. I am sure that plenty of administrators have seen my headline and byline and are holding their breath. To them I say, “It’s okay, I have said all the negative things I currently have to say”. Instead of the bad times, I have decided, it’s time to break down all of the absolute blessings my time at Canisius has brought to me. 

Beginning right at the start, the best thing to happen to me was honors orientation. I met the two girls who would become integral to my college experience. First, Ms. Emma Radel (like dreidel), with her cute pink cheeks and absolutely infectious laugh. Second, my dearest roommate and best friend, Elizabeth Hertz. Just a year later I would meet everyone’s favorite blondie, Kyra Laurie. Our friend group would be complete. These girls have always chosen to celebrate my wins and support me at some of the lowest points of my life. For them, I am eternally grateful, it is rare to find such supportive and strong women. I can’t wait for our grownup life together. 

I am so lucky to have so many people that love me so deeply. I could exhaust my word count just naming them all, so I won’t but you know who you are. Thank you for loving and supporting me throughout my time, whether I met you Freshman year on Bosch 6, or my Junior year when you were just a baby Griff (yes, Maggie this is about you, stop crying). 

Throughout my very short four years I sang in the crescenDON’Ts, was an assistant and senior editor on “The Griffin”, the President of C-Block and have had two short and very shocking terms on USA. I have also been a tour guide for three and a half years and also was a founding member of the Canisius social media team, although that is a bit of a touchy subject. I have worked the nightdesk at the library for four years, making some of my best friends in the GAs, Sam Koch, Gabby DeRocher and James Mitchell. Many midnight McDonalds trips were made, including one that almost landed us in Canada. 

My advisors and professors have truly been such a light in my life, professor Dan Higgins and Professor Janet McNally have not only been some of the best teachers I have ever had but also good friends. They, like all of my professors and Tracy Callaghan from the Griff Center are the reason I have made it to graduation. 

Jen Snekser Ph.D. and I became unlikely besties when I was named randomly as her FYE peer mentor my Sophomore year. Both of us were a bit confused by the choice but genuinely it must have been fate, because we are soulmates. We demanded to never be put with anyone else for the rest of our time teaching FYE together. 

Throughout my entire college career there have been four people who have been my greatest supporters, mentors and friends. My parents, Lori and David have sat through so many mental breakdowns, financial aid issues and far too many breakups. My poor mother who received four calls a day…at least… for four years. The other two people who were my biggest support system are my grandparents. My beloved Mimi, who we lost Sophomore year, and my Grampie. He is my best friend and my biggest fan. I couldn’t ask for better people to raise and guide me. 

Well Canisius, it has been such a ride. So many ups and downs, but I say with confidence it has been so much fun. 

Faas, out.

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