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Legislative seminar provides window into senator’s life

By: Samuel Cureo

On Sept. 13, New York State Senator Patrick M. Gallivan spoke at the legislative seminar held by Dr. Sriram, a political science professor at Canisius. During this time, the senator spoke to students about his time serving the community in several different positions.

Senator Gallivan represents district number 60 in the New York Senate, which contains a part of Erie County. He has been a prominent figure in the community, working not only as a legislator but also in law enforcement for several decades. Gallivan served as a New York State Trooper for over a decade and then went on to serve two elected terms as the sheriff of Erie County.

While serving as the sheriff of Erie County, Gallivan helped during the cleanup and investigation efforts of 9/11. He recounted his eyewitness experience, specifically a memory when he noticed an ice cream truck handing out free ice cream to the volunteers. As the social person that he is, Gallivan walked up to the truck and started a conversation with the owner.

This exchange led to Gallivan inquiring about why the owner would be giving the ice cream away for free, because this is what he did for a living. It didn’t make much sense from a business perspective. The owner of the truck then said that he didn’t have anything else to offer and saw an opportunity to do the one thing that he can do: this was just one of the thousands of kind gestures people made during this tragedy, Gallivan recollected. The story just shows that it is the little things in life that can make such a difference in someone’s life.

More recently, Gallivan has worked on a co-sponsored legislation geared towards helping ensure road safety. The proposed legislation would mean that drivers education courses would educate drivers on the standard procedures that should be followed when at a traffic stop.

In a press release, Gallivan spoke on his personal experience as a police officer and stated, “Fully educating drivers on what to expect and what to do during a traffic stop will make these interactions safer for all involved: drivers, passengers and law enforcement officers.”

In August, Gallivan announced via a press release that three libraries located in Angola, Boston and Concord would receive funding for “construction projects.” The total amount of aid “is from $34 million in capital funds for public library construction and broadband infrastructure projects provided in the FY 2022-2023 State Budget.”

Dr. Sriram’s legislative seminar provided a look into the person that Senator Gallivan is, and it opened the floor to different ideas within the operating political body.

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