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Julia Slazyk, “A Voice for the Student Body”

The new vice president of marketing and public relations (VPMPR) for the Undergraduate Student Association (USA) is senior student Julia Slazyk, and she promises to adhere to USA’s current goal of promoting love and compassion.

The constitutional role of the VPMPR is to ensure that USA is maintaining their image by defending and upholding their constitution, distributing all of the material handling USA’s activities and managing all of the social media, press releases and marketing. Slazyk noted that she feels her responsibility as VPMPR is to “implement creativity into marketing for our organization and its various boards and committees while communicating with students, faculty and staff about the operations of the USA,” Slazyk said.

Slazyk plans to uphold the responsibilities in the VPMPR position by being more transparent with students about USA. She intends to utilize spaces both on campus and online to make them more visible to students which has already begun this semester.

One of Slazyk’s main goals as VPMPR is to have more students present during the period of general student concerns, which occurs in the meetings the USA holds every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in Regis Hall. During this period, any student may voice any concerns or questions regarding Canisius College. With more students present at these meetings, Slazyk hopes to create a dialogue between students and USA to work together in order to help create the best possible experience at Canisius.

Another of Slazyk’s goals is to help build a better relationship between USA and the student body, because she believes that there is often suspicion from students towards USA. She wants to disprove this suspicion by showing that the USA is composed of students working for students. Slazyk further said, “The Undergraduate Student Association sees you, wants to hear from you and empathizes with you. We want nothing more than to help give each student the absolute best college experience possible.”

As Slazyk approaches her last year at Canisius, she looks back on her time fondly as a junior senator and is excited to experience new and challenging opportunities as the new VPMPR of USA. She is looking forward to working with many new and old members in the USA. The new liaison positions excite her the most, because they allow for more voices within USA for students to share. Slazyk gave a final note, saying, “I am so grateful to have become part of this organization when I did and that I have one event-filled and busy semester left with everyone.”

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