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  • Sydney Umstead, Asst. News Editor

It’s Time to Think About Housing

On Dec. 1st, housing selection will open for the 2023-2024 academic year. Undergraduate students have several different options they can choose from and go through three phases during the process. The Office of Student Life will also be hosting a roommate mixer on Jan. 31st for any student interested in potentially meeting with future roommates.

The first phase of the process begins on Dec. 1st and will last until Feb. 10. During this time, applications can be submitted online through the housing software under the “Student Life” page found on the portal. Students can apply to residency areas such as Dugan Hall, the Delavan and Village Townhouses. However, both Bosch and Frisch rooms cannot be reserved or selected in order to preserve them for incoming students.

“My biggest advice is communication, understand what you want and communicate with each other,” said Al Pilato, associate director of student life housing.

Phase two begins on Feb. 13 and will take place until Mar. 3rd, this is when roommates can be selected. Students can choose a roommate by clicking on “Roommates and Room Selection”, they will also be able to search people via name, or even just by interests or major. It is important to ensure that a group is full when registering.

“Upperclassmen can reserve rooms over the summer where they will be able to keep their current room and hold belongings over the summer for storage, if it’s full capacity and all are returning to campus,” said Samantha Koch, department of student life.

By Mar. 10th, the process will be in phase three. During this phase, students will be able to choose their rooms. For these services, merit is also considered. Students with higher GPAs often have more points going towards the housing of their choice. This can be found under room selection at the appropriate time. The page will show the rooms available as well as the prices.

“I’m hoping to be in Dugan so I can have more interactions and convenience,” said Jade Remacle-Grimm, freshman ABEC major.

The Office of Student Life is located in the lower level of Dugan Hall, and students can contact The campus also holds an Operation Snowbound program for commuter students who are interested in dorming during the winter months. The application for session two is available now until Jan. 6th.

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