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In other news…

By: The Griffin

The winners of the 2024 Lorch Awards presented by the Women and Gender Studies department have recently been announced in anticipation for the reception and ceremony being held on Thursday, March 21 at 4 p.m. in Grupp. Awards are being presented to Bex Nagel, Kim Griffin, Adrienne Hill and Ana Grujić. 

Little Theater has announced their final show of the season, a play called “And the Winner Is by Mitch Albom. Performances will run April 25-27. 

Smoothie Lab Social, featuring their hoodie giveaway, took place on March 14. 

There was a Queer Ecology Talk event on Thursday, March 14 to discuss queer ecology. The speaker was Dr. Russel.

Entries are open until April 9 for a sticker design contest, with the focus being on creating gender, sexuality and general allyship designs. There will be two winners in each category and six $50 prizes. 

The Undergraduate Student Association e-board election results were released on March 8.

The results are as follows:

Tim Sanders - President

Annalee DeGlopper - Executive vice president 

Gabby Kaderli - Vice president of business and finance 

Aaron Hall - Vice president of marxketing and public relations 

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