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“Festi-Ful” event hopes to eradicate food insecurity on campus

By.Natalie Faas, News Editor

PC: Ally Wagner

On Friday, Sep. 24, Chartwells held a free lunch in the dining hall as a fundraiser to combat food insecurity on campus.

The “Festi-Ful” was put on by Canisius Dining and Chartwells and is a part of a year-long campaign to welcome students back to college campuses in a fun and interactive way.

Festi-Ful was the first of multiple events incorporated in Chartwells’ Joy-Ful program. Canisius is one of 300 colleges and universities across the country that is serviced by Chartwells Higher Ed. The Joy-Ful initiative is being celebrated at all those campuses across the country.

The event featured a variety of “street food”–themed menu items, including tacos, pizza bagels and Gyros. There was also an ice cream tent and a Bubly soda representative giving out samples and swag to students.

The event also featured multiple giveaways, like a chance to win a variety of prizes such as a free dining hall lunch or a free coffee. There was also a game in which students could win a pizza party catered by Canisius Dining for themselves and up to 10 of their friends.

Canisius Dining also incorporated a service element by asking for $3 donations at the door. 100 percent of the proceeds went to the Canisius food pantry in order to combat food insecurity on campus. The final total of donations came to over $700.

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