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  • Sydney Umstead, Asst. News Editor

Canisius College Partners With Local Diaper Bank

Every Bottom Covered Inc. is currently working alongside campus organizations Phi Sigma Sigma, SFL, SPB, The Griffin, The Communication Department and the Undergraduate Student Association to accept donations of diapers and other products such as wipes and feminine hygiene products. They will be holding this until Dec. 8.

There are designated drop off locations throughout campus. These areas include the library entrance and the Starbucks cafe inside Science Hall. Donations can also be made over AmazonSmile. Donors can go to and select the organization they would like to donate to.

“When you collaborate with clubs and organizations across campus, it is much easier to get the word out and develop an effective strategy to optimize our donations,” said Kyra Laurie, junior strategic communications and digital media arts major.

Last fall, while Laurie was peer mentoring for FYE (First Year Experience) alongside instructor Melissa Wanzer, they were inspired to get involved with Every Bottom Covered after student Ahmir Hill came in wearing a T-Shirt by Every Bottom Covered and shared how he had volunteered there and that it was founded by his mother, Raziya Hill.

“Both Canisius and Buffalo as a whole are an incredibly tight knit, loving community,” said Brooke Rohloff, senior pharmaceutical major.

Raziya Hill was inspired by her son to begin Every Bottom Covered. The experiences she faced led to the company’s launch in 2016, her son’s freshman year of high school because even after 13 years, there was still a fight to provide diapers to families in need.

Since start up, Hill has worked to ensure low income families are receiving the help they need, and has regarded the experience as “eye opening.” She has lobbied in Washington, D. C. to pass bills for funding diapers needs, since they are not provided by SNAP or WIC. She also has spoken on air platforms, even recently filming a commercial about the work the organization is doing. The commercial is set to air on Lifetime.

“I started Every Bottom Covered, Inc. because I am a single mother who experienced diaper needs when raising my son. It was difficult to make ends meet and keep clean diapers on him, but there was nowhere that I could go to receive assistance like that,” said Raziya Hill, founder.

Diaper sizes 4 to 7 are most needed as the smaller sizes are what end up being donated the most. This leads to a quicker loss of inventory for those sizes. Families can sign up directly at the Delavan Community Center or through partner organizations in areas like Erie and Allegheny and Chautauqua. They can return every 30 days from the seventh month of pregnancy up until the child’s third birthday. Period products like pads are also available, as one in five women experience period poverty.

Those looking to get involved with the organization can either visit Every Bottom Covered’s website or email, where they can express their desire to volunteer and set up a date. Those interested can also donate products to some of the drop off locations around campus.

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