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  • Sydney Umstead, Asst. News Editor

Campus honors public safety

By Sydney Umstead, Asst. News Editor

On March 30, Public Safety held a commendation ceremony to honor officers who worked during the December blizzard that impacted not only Canisius College but many members of the community. Chief Kim Beaty took the time to thank other facilities staff for all the work they do to ensure that campus is safe.

10 officers took their seats at the front of the room to receive awards for their service. Beaty called the ceremony a “Hero Award Ceremony,” and President Stoute echoed those words while expressing his gratitude for everything Public Safety does for the community.

“We are indebted to you, and this is the least we can do,” said Stoute.

Chief Beaty began by honoring officers Don Genovese and Jared Westhoven, who saved a woman's life from a medical emergency. The woman was Marnetta Malcolm, a long-time friend of Chief Beaty.

Malcom had suffered heart complications and collapsed. The officers did everything they could to help her until the paramedics were able to arrive, and Beaty informed the audience how Officer Westhoven had remained at the hospital for “quite some time” to ensure Malcom was okay.

Malcom, who was on Zoom during this part of the ceremony, thanked both of the officers as she remained upbeat and light-hearted towards the situation. She stated, “You are forever in my heart” and concluded the call with the words, “God bless.”

The officers who worked during the December storm received medals for their hard work and dedication to the community, and among the many individuals honored was Lieutenant Rick Miller, who is retiring following 40 years of service. Beaty told the audience he was her “left arm.”

The ceremony shined a light on the members of Public Safety and acknowledged and expressed many thanks to these individuals, as three key words were consistent throughout the event: dedication, commitment and compassion. Each member of Public Safety has displayed those traits to the community.

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