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  • Sydney Umstead, Asst. News Editor

All the Alliteration for Canisius Students

By: Sydney Umstead, News Editor

As students and faculty prepared for the very first semester at Canisius University, they were asked if they were beginning to embrace the name change or if they were still mourning the former namesake, Canisius College.

On July 24, 2023, a poll was posted on The Griffin’s Instagram account and its staff members to ask various people involved with Canisius about their thoughts on the new namesake of the institution. Following the official name change announcement on April 27, Canisius spent the summer remaining as a college until making the change formally on Aug. 1, just in time to kick off fall semester at the newfound university.

Shortly after the announcement that Canisius would be rebranding, Canisius’ Instagram revealed that a new logo was underway as well. Various teasers were showcased on social media until the final work was released to the campus community on June 3.

All of these changes to campus suggest a promising new horizon for the institution that opened in 1807. But it seems that students were big fans of the alliteration present in the name, “Canisius College”.

Upon release, the poll immediately reached a 50/50 split between the options “Mourning the alliteration, but love the logo,” and “Still not a fan.” It remained this way for a few hours until finally reaching a conclusion. 21 users took the poll, and it was concluded that 42.9% of people were supportive of the new Canisius University logo, but that the alliteration will be missed.

The switch to university was something that the Canisius community anticipated, but nothing had been officially confirmed until President Stoute announced on April 27 that university status had officially been granted to Canisius.

President Stoute stated in a press release announcing the switch to university, “We’re pleased that our name will more closely reflect how we view ourselves — as a comprehensive university with a breadth of excellent academic programs.”

The first year at Canisius University is here, and while the alliteration is still cold, those graduating this year will receive their degrees with the university title for the first time in Canisius’ 153-year history.

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