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  • Briana Wasil

A Fluid Poem

By: Briana Wasil

I don’t begin to understand love in all its complexities

But I do know that if love had a second name it’d be called fluidity

Like the way ocean waves escape the sun,

Only to be pulled back in by the currents gravitational run

How tough love cries in the form of rain, in order for you to grow alongside the pain

The memories of your pet understanding your soul, as it rests its head on your leg for console.

The feeling of being supported by those you trust, as they help fight for yourself when you feel

trapped in a situation that’s unjust.

How running can occupy a mind every day, the magnetic attraction that doesn’t seem to go away

The story or person you choose to find, by reviving a book or acting out lines

The sacrifice and hardships one gets dealt; to hold up the promise to a past generation and former self.

The doubled-over laughter and serious moments with your best friend, cause even though your

separated by miles, you can always rely on two halves coming back together again

How you can list all the things or ways people make you feel but the one love that defines a life is the reflection you choose to see in the mirror

For the roses will be red and the violets blue,

But Love is just another name for an ever-changing hue.

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