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  • Genevieve Fontana

Your Sustainable guide to Canisius University

By Genevieve Fontana

We all know that sustainability is a beast of a topic, but this column will serve as a resource to help implement earth-friendly choices in your lifestyle. Consider checking out some of these options to adopt as you begin your college career at Canisius University!

Campus Living: Living on campus can be an exciting change and a chance to start fresh with your sustainability journey. Consider checking out our OZZI box program if you have a meal plan. The OZZI box is a reusable takeout container that you can use to bring leftovers back to your room or take a meal on the go, and the best part is that you don’t even have to wash them. Bring them back to the dining hall and receive a new, fresh one to use for your next meal. Also, whether you are vegan, vegetarian or maybe starting to incorporate some meatless Mondays into your life, keep your eye out for the plant-based teaching kitchen organized by Chartwells, our dining hall staff. The teaching kitchens will teach you how to make fresh plant-based meals incorporating herbs and greens grown in our Farmshelf portable garden. Don’t forget to bring your reusable cup to campus. You can even have it filled at Tim Hortons or Science Hall Café with your morning coffee to get you through the day and limit waste.

Transportation: This topic might be more applicable if you are a commuter or resi-muter. If you live close to some of your classmates, consider carpooling to campus to reduce your carbon footprint and the stress of finding parking in the lots. Metro passes are also available for all students through the Student Engagement and Leadership Office (SELD). Public transport can be a great way to explore the Buffalo area and reduce carbon emissions.

Involvement: If sustainability interests you, there are many ways to get involved on campus. Consider helping out in one of our community garden spaces. The pollinator garden is located right on campus on the side of the library. Make sure to check it out. Faculty and staff would also love assistance in the East-West Community Garden on Lafayette, across the street from the KAC. This is becoming an excellent resource for our neighbors and community space. The USA Sustainability Committee is very active on campus, and there is a new club starting up this semester, the Golden Griffins Audubon Club, committed to helping our local critters. Also, if sustainability interests you, exploring related classes and other academic opportunities might speak to you. Keep an eye out for Makerspace upcycled projects if you are creative.

Printing/Tech: We are committed to limiting paper use on campus. If you are comfortable, consider asking the professor permission to take electronic notes. Also, use Today@Canisius and social media to publicize events instead of printing flyers.

Make sure to check back weekly to learn more about Eco Heroines on campus and how you can become involved in building a greener Canisius community.

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