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  • Hannah Wiley

Women's lacrosse bonds over practices and principles

By Hannah Wiley, Assistant Features Editor and Sports Reporter

Even from an outside perspective, it is apparent that between their team chemistry on and off the field that the women’s lacrosse team runs deeper than just a sport.

Within minutes of sitting down with freshman midfielders Maddie Fitzgerald and Maya Zeller and freshman attack Megan Previdi, it was clear that they are more than just a team: they are a family. All three girls talked about the different personalities on the team and how that makes every moment they spend together one worth laughing over. “The thing about it is there are just so many personalities — that’s what makes us so close,” Zeller said. They spoke highly of their time as a team talking about their pre-game playlist and jamming to music, most recently “Texas Hold ‘Em” by Beyonce. 

“We practice at 6 a.m., but somehow we are always singing and dancing,” Previdi exclaimed. The girls talked a lot about their favorite moments, mostly consisting of their time together in the library or when they get to hang out with each other off the field. 

Off the field, the team also values mental health and mindfulness. Sophomore goalie Jody Chu emphasized that mental health is something the team values. It’s a topic that hits home to many players past and present on the team and something they hold very close to their hearts. “I’ve met a lot of people that struggle with mental health, and especially as a student-athlete, … it’s hard for us to distinguish ourselves as a person besides lacrosse,” Chu said. Earlier this week, the team had their annual game dedicated to Morgan’s Message, a non-profit organization that works to provide resources for athletes when it comes to their mental health. Going into the Morgan’s Message game, the girls are even more of a united front than usual. 

With a record of 6–1, their off-field actions are paying dividends in every aspect of their program.

Photo courtesy of Lindy Feider

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