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Why You Don’t Have to Know it All -- Especially in College

By Mikayla Boyd, Assistant Layout Director

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! This is an exciting time, especially for our first-year students. While I’m sure you all have gotten your fair share (and more) of advice for college, I would love to bestow upon you some words of wisdom: it’s okay to change your mind. I know plenty of people ask you things like what your major is, what your goals are after college, etc. and it may be overwhelming. I remember thinking, “How am I supposed to know what to study in college if I don’t even know what college is like?” The beauty of this time in your life is that you don’t have to have it figured out, despite what some may think. Take it from me- I came to college undecided and changed my major twice, and I would do it all over again because I love what I ended up with. Whenever you do find that area of study that you’re genuinely passionate about, it will have been worth all the distress! To guide you in your journey properly, let us focus on three things: support, minors, and clubs.

Support: I love to point out the fact that we have such a great student support team here at Canisius. Our Griff Center and especially our Success Coaches are some of the kindest people in the community. The first week of classes is add/drop week, and this is your time to decide what classes work best for you and if they don’t, what to replace them with. Success Coaches help with this often, so just drop in the tunnels underneath Old Main to pay them a visit! The rest of the year, they can assist you with changes to your major or minors as well.

Minors: A minor is a great way to add enrichment to your studies! I highly recommend adding a minor in any of your interests, even if it’s not “related” to your major. It can add diversity to your class schedule, can teach you new perspectives, and make you stand out to employers or graduate school admission officers. If you love reading, consider an English minor, and if you’re pre-law, consider a philosophy minor! The benefits are boundless.

Clubs: What might be my favorite of the three are clubs. These are essential to college. Find one or two clubs that make you feel like you belong and you will be set. Clubs are amazing because they can be simultaneously fun and educational. Not only will you foster new friendships, but you can also gain leadership and teamwork skills and have fun doing it!

I am so excited to welcome the start of a great semester and school year! Whatever you end up pursuing here at Canisius, I just know that you New Griffs will get it all figured out–eventually. And that’s okay! Before we part, I’ll leave you with some words from the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu: “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” I can’t wait to see what you become!

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