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This Week in Senate

The biggest news from the Senate meeting on Nov. 30 is that the presidential search committee will soon be going through anti-bias training before looking into potential final candidates. Other than that, there were presentations from Canisius’s athletic director and Canisius’s Title IX coordinator and associate dean of students.

Bill Maher, the athletic director at Canisius, mainly focused on the collegiate consulting report that was done this year. This report reviewed the college’s athletics program and suggested components that the college could improve on. Maher says that this is the first year Canisius has hired an outside group to assist them in this process. Their findings say that Canisius should increase team rosters, have more club sports, increase game attendance and improve the sports facilities.

Maher says that there are talks of putting another field near Lyons Hall. The final suggestion from the report is that Canisius preserves their Division I membership: Maher went on to say that it is important to improve the athletic program because 22% of the undergraduate population are student-athletes. He also says, “We have to find a way to do more with less,” compared to other Division I schools.

Next up to present was Title IX Coordinator and Associate Dean of Students Debbie Owens. After handing out candy, Owens talked to Senate about recent changes in Title IX as well as changes in New York State policies. Owens also discussed processes for cases that fall outside of Title IX.

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