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This Week in Senate

Canisius’s fall renovations and projects are coming along. The main topic of this week’s Undergraduate Student Association (USA) was the parking situation on campus. The meeting kicked off with guest speaker Vice President for Business and Finance Timothy Balkin. He offered some information about the new parking lot, which according to Balkin will be ready by the end of October. It will have approximately 200 spots for students and staff alike, as well as blue lights and lamp posts for safety. He addressed the trees being cut down and said it was necessary in order to go below the surface to put drainage in. The business and finance department has still been working with the Buffalo Sewer Authority.

Balkin also asked USA members what they thought of the renovations in the dining hall as well as in the commuter lounge, and many offered positive feedback. Some members even noted that the dining hall food has improved. The furniture for the commuter lounge is about six weeks out, and renovations in the basement of Palisano are yet to be started. Director for Student Engagement Jason Francey said that he is looking into purchasing arcade machines for Palisano.

Francey also gave other updates on club room renovations including carpets and keypads. Most carpets have already been installed, and keypads have begun replacing locks on club room doors. There will also be ceiling-tile repairs in rooms that have damaged or leaking ones. Lastly, Francey mentioned that dimmable LED lights will be installed in club rooms as well.

Finally, the Accounting Society appeal was passed by the senate to close out another meeting by the Undergraduate Student Association.

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