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  • Sam Chapman, News Contributor

The Trump Arrest That Didn’t Happen … Yet?

By Sam Chapman, News Contributor:

This past Saturday, former President Donald Trump posted that he would be arrested “on Tuesday of next week,” urging supporters to “protest [and] take our nation back.” Tuesday came and went, though, and the arrest never happened.

With #PresidentTrump trending on Twitter all day Tuesday, the country waited to see what would happen. A handful of falsified images even went viral showing the arrest taking place, featuring Trump running away from the police and being picked up off of the ground by the officers.

According to the New York Times, Trump’s advisors say that he made his decree last weekend because he “predicted the timing of a potential indictment based on media reports” involving a gathering of law enforcement officials who discussed hypothetical protocols if Trump were, in fact, to be arrested.

Regardless of the legal outcome of Tuesday, Trump’s supporters didn’t necessarily have a good showing in their efforts to stand with him. CBS News described the underwhelming outcome, writing that “​​Dozens of Trump supporters gathered in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday, while a caravan of cars drove through Long Island, sporting signs and flags for the former president” but adding that the demonstrations “barely brought out 100 people.”

Despite a lack of support from his followers, many Republican Trump allies have maintained their support, expressing their distaste with District Attorney Alvin Bragg. They have also addressed potential protests. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy stated simply, “I don’t think people should protest this, no,” according to MSNBC.

In acknowledgement of the recent reports, NYPD officers are on high alert for the impending prospect of arresting Trump in the event that he does not turn himself in, should such a request be made of him.

While there are no concrete indications of a possible indictment or arrest of the former president as of Thursday evening, the scene surrounding a possible indictment has been a source of speculation. According to the New York Times, Trump — ever the showman — reportedly has mused about the drama of him being taken into custody in handcuffs in front of cameras. Speculation continues as the country awaits the possibility of an indictment or arrest looms over the former president.

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