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The Griffin Editorial 08/22

Acts of service: Canisius University's love language

The Griffin has seen countless rounds of rowdy freshmen go through Orientation Week – ready to take on a new semester, a new lifestyle and a new home. And while we don’t doubt their ability to thrive through challenges and change, we do wonder: Do they have what it takes to truly call themselves “a Griff”? Will they come to understand what it takes to make it a great day to be one? How long will it be until they stop getting lost in the tunnels? Only time will tell.

The Griffin knows firsthand that to be a part of this community, your focus needs to be on just that – your community. It’s a small school; it’s not hard to see that everyone does a little bit of everything here. A devoted D1 athlete is also a senator; your orientation leader is also president of C-Block; the editor-in-chief of the newspaper is also a sorority girl. But how do they manage it all on top of being a full-time student? And why on earth would any sane person take on so much? Well, simply put, we help each other out and have fun doing it.

You’ll come to learn to not take it lightly when others take time to lift you up – especially when they’re risking their routine just to help a Griff in need. An active student and participant's energy is often artfully dispersed between their countless commitments, and yet they’ll gladly spring into action when needed. This is because they know they are creating a chain-reaction of kindness that can help us to help others who will then help us.

The Griffin has found themselves attending events just to support a small organization or even volunteering for clubs they’re not even a part of on a weekly basis. In turn, these organizations become loyal readers of our work, promote our publications and support The Griffin until they’re blue in the face. We do our best to thank one another by giving what we get – that being the unwavering love and support of a fellow Griff.

The help that you find yourself providing will be quite varied. Sometimes, you won’t even know what it is you may have provided to someone until they thank you for it. Those “thank-yous” are the endless helping hands, the warm smiles in the halls; the strangers or colleagues that become your dearest friends. They are all external manifestations of the spirit of giving instilled in a Jesuit education. They're what make us a dynamic institution, an ever-caring community and the best versions of ourselves.

There’s an endless cycle of Canisius karma, where the support you show to others comes back to you tenfold. The average student’s aptness to be accommodating is entirely infectious. The Griffin can say with certainty that your willingness to provide support for and accept support from your community will be what determines your time here. If you can make the most of it, it’ll make the most out of you.


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