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  • Sydney Umstead

Scavenger hunt takes off at Buffalo Zoo

By: Sydney Umstead, News Editor 

A scavenger hunt run by the Canisius Zoological Society (CZS) will be taking place at the Buffalo Zoo on April 13. 

At the time of the event, participants will be searching the zoo for various facts on different animals. 

When scheduling the event, which was also held last year, President of CZS Katy Schon stated that to plan the event, the e-board first meets to “lay out basic plans and fill out necessary forms.” After, Schon noted that the members “divide and conquer all the tasks needed for an event like this.” 

Schon hopes to continue the event next year and noted how an event like this one “promotes [their] presence on campus and increases zoological knowledge for all students.” 

Students of all majors are welcome to attend, and all can access the signup sheet from a QR code on zoological society’s flier featured in Today@Canisius. 

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