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  • Kyra Laurie

Phi Sigma Sigma hosts community-wide event

By: Kyra Laurie

Art, across all forms and mediums, is the heartbeat of society. Photography, painting, drawing and artisan crafts are just a few of the many ways people express themselves. The most incredible concept about art is its entirely subjective nature. With that, art not only varies person to person but also from culture to culture.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Oh man, I wish I could attend a really cool event that features art from a variety of cultures.” Well, you’re in luck!

On Sunday, Oct. 15 from 1 to 3 p.m. in Science Hall Commons, the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority will be hosting its second annual Art Cultural Bazaar. This celebration features handmade art and crafts from a variety of local organizations. Some of the sponsors for this event include the New Buffalo Institute, Borders & Migrations Initiative, Department of Modern Languages, Stitch Buffalo and Let There Be Light International.

The Art Cultural Bazaar is open to the whole Buffalo community to enjoy, with delicious desserts and beverages to indulge in throughout the event.

Phi Sigma Sigma is a philanthropic-based organization on campus; essentially, this means that the group’s programming tends to focus on giving back to the community. They will also have their own table at the Art Cultural Bazaar which goes towards a good cause. In collaboration with local Buffalo school Lydia T. Wright (Public School 89), the sorority will sell stickers made of artwork from students at the school. Stickers will sell for $2.50 a piece, and profits will go towards making “cozy kits” of hats, scarves and gloves for these students come winter.

Overall, the Art Cultural Bazaar not only aligns with the philanthropic values of Phi Sigma Sigma, but also with the values of Canisius University. Think about the Jesuit values that Canisius has ingrained in you: “cura personalis,” “people for and with others,” “magis.” Carry these principles with you as we come together as a community to celebrate and appreciate the remarkable cultures around us.

I promise that when I say this event is not worth missing, I mean it. Don’t have anyone to go with? No worries, I’ll be there. Need a reminder? I will personally send you a Google Calendar invite. Also, yes, I thought everything out for you — the Bills game does not begin until 8:20 p.m., so we’ve got you covered. See you there!

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