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Notes from the Underground 11/03/23

Well folks, as snow started to fall earlier this week, it turns out our recently introduced, climate change-doubting alumni contributor was right — global warming IS a hoax! I guess we should also start subscribing to his other beliefs, our favorite being that Managing Editor Jon Dusza’s journalism skills are that of a “cub scout reporter." His words, not ours.

The cold weather has definitely spurred somewhat of a post-Halloweekend bug, leaving students with the sniffles. Students were shocked to discover that the fuzz on their cat ears would not suffice in keeping the rest of their scantily-clad selves warm.

The Underground was glad to see many scary costumes last week! But none of them were close to as scary as Canisius’s financial situation.

This time of year tends to ignite the fundamental issue that has divided humanity through the ages: when is the right time to start playing Christmas music? The Underground implores its readers to not remain silent and to take a stance on this issue. This is the type of thing worth losing friends over.

With the new Metro passes that Canisius is giving to students, The Underground is looking forward to returning to its favorite hobby: riding the Buffalo subway back and forth for hours on end.

You will be able to find The Underground in its dungeon all weekend playing Fortnite, as the original Season 1 map returns. The Underground looks forward to its long awaited return to Risky Reels, and feels it is a historical event rivaled only by MacArthur returning to The Philippines in World War II.

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