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Notes from the Underground 09/29/23

The Underground had a lovely time at our 2023 family weekend. That being said, we’d like to know whose dads (or grandpas) are currently single (wink).

The Underground had a rude awakening this week as professors started notifying us about upcoming mid-term exams. We have decided that we’ll start studying for the exam when the professor starts actually following their syllabus.

Room checks are this week, and RAs and residents alike have been STRESSED! On a completely unrelated note, does anyone know of any places to temporarily store miscellaneous contraband?

We keep hearing talk about how often men think about the Roman Empire, but at The Griffin, our Roman Empire is that “dirty dish water is actively leaking from our office’s ceiling but let's work in here anyway” era from last school year.

The Underground found themselves underwhelmed by the “Taste of Buffalo” event earlier this week: like, where was the Labatts Blue Lite? And not a single overly greasy pizza log? Disgraceful.

The Underground is happy to be alive this week after nearly being hit by a car running a red light on two different occasions on Main Street this week.

The Underground would like to bring attention to the fact that they were also watching the Kansas City Chiefs game with Travis Kelce’s mom. The Underground appreciates all the cameras that were on their seat but would appreciate privacy.

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