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Notes from the Underground 09/15/2023

The Griffin’s office had a total revamping over the summer, and even though they managed to rid the place of its flickering lights and ominous wall stains, the room still smells exactly like a haunted house.

The Underground has had a blast looking for all of the spots on campus where they didn’t change “college” to “university." It is now abundantly clear that someone forgot to add the podiums to that list. (No, seriously. Every podium says “Canisius College,” and this writer cannot figure out why she is so bothered by it.)

We would like to take this opportunity to check in on the sophomores and see how they’re doing after spending the first weeks of classes getting mistaken for freshmen. The babyfaces of the Underground feel your pain.

Now that syllabus review and drop/add week niceties are over, The Underground would like to leave students with some advice: your professors are not who they were week one. They will grow into something more intense, more evil. Beware of finals week and NEVER look them in the eyes.

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