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  • Sydney Umstead

Newspaper spotted near the library (not ours)

By: Sydney Umstead, News Editor

The Griffin had spotted a newspaper near the Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library. The identity of the person placing these newspapers around campus is unknown. However, it seemed of interest to the reporters.

The title of the newspaper is Workers World, which seems to be a part of the larger organization Workers World Party. The front of the paper showcased the various social media platforms used by the Workers World Party, including their Instagram handle.

Through a deep dive into their Instagram, The Griffin spotted the statement, “WWP is a revolutionary socialist organization that fights oppression across the U.S. and opposes imperialism around the world.”

It seems there is also a page for the Buffalo Workers World Party. Their Instagram states, “We are a Marxist-Leninist party dedicated to organizing and fighting for a socialist revolution.” There is also a link provided to get involved with this. The most recent post from Oct. 30 was in regards to the “Say No to Genocide: Protest Against Ian Haworth” event held on Nov. 1 at the University of Buffalo. The event flier stated, “Join us in condemning hate speech and advocating for the rights of Palestinians.”

As of Nov. 2, the newspapers are no longer in the location they were initially found at. It is entirely possible that the student body had seen them and decided to give it a read.

Parties with information or those who are interested in being interviewed for a full story should contact

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