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Letter: McMurray takes Dixon’s bait, hook, line and sinker

By Mike Pesarchick, Former Editor-in-Chief

I didn’t think that Lynne Dixon’s (very misleading) mailer portraying Dr. Kevin Hardwick as a hardcore Trump backer would possibly affect Democrat voters, but Nate McMurray proved me wrong.

In a bizarre Twitter tirade Sunday morning, McMurray attacked Hardwick as a “former Trumper” and condemned the local Democratic leadership for backing him. McMurray even alleged “back room shenanigans” and, bizarrely, demanded an “apology” from Hardwick for his former conservative views.

Hardwick changed parties because he felt the Republicans no longer fit his moral views. He didn’t like the turn towards the far right that the Republicans began under Trump and switched to an independent — and finally a Democratic — stance while preserving his moderate approach. I don’t think this is anything to apologize for; in fact, he should be commended for standing up for his morals.

Where does McMurray get off demanding anything from Hardwick? The latter is one of the most hardworking, experienced politicians in the area, while the former lost handily to Chris Jacobs and Chris Collins.

McMurray is trying to be a progressive voice akin to Beto O’Rourke or Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but with none of the political success or clout. Even India Walton has him beat there.

His Twitter rant on Sunday further illustrates the problem with the political left — a desire to “purity test” every single candidate, causing harm to the Democratic Party as a whole.

Dixon might not have fooled many Democrat voters, but she sure fooled McMurray, and that’s pretty telling.

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