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Last week in senate

By: Jon Dusza and Ava C. Green, Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief

After The Griffin was physically restrained from entering the Nov. 17 session of the Undergraduate Student Association (USA) Senate, the Senate eventually began to carry out its normal duties.

The reason that The Griffin was held out of the meeting was because the senate was in executive session, with the task of finding a new vice president of business and finance (VPBF) to replace the current VPBF Gabby Kaderli, who will be studying abroad next semester. USA selected as its new VPBF Anthony Tripi, who will begin his duties in the spring. As an aside, these scribes wish both Tripi and Kaderli the best in their endeavors upon which they are about to embark in their new roles.

In the executive report session of the meeting, USA President Jahare Hudson announced changes to spring break. The schedules of the past few years, he explained, which entailed 10 weeks of school without breaks before spring break, will not be used after this year. This was a result of a compromise between the University and USA, who two weeks ago sent the University a formal message that expressed the USA’s desire to have a seat on the committee which creates the academic calendar. While USA will not have a seat on the committee, the University addressed the reason for USA’s request: the 10 weeks of school with no breaks in the spring semester. Details are yet to come, but there will be an academic schedule change in Canisius’s future.

Afterwards, in liaison reports, Dining Hall Liaison Akil brought up the idea of moving TruBurger from its current location to the dining hall. The plan would be for TruBurger to open at 7 p.m. after the dining hall closes. If this happens, there is talk about expanding the menu at the restaurant. The hope is that this would foster a greater sense of community around TruBurger and make it more accessible to all students. The discussion that followed seemed to be in favor of a potential TruBurger move.

Library Liaison Riley also mentioned that the library would be open until “3 or 4 a.m.” during finals week, as it has been in the past.

The senate meets next on the afternoon of Dec. 1; however, not much is expected to get done as it is the senate’s Christmas party, for which The Griffin is grateful for the invite. 


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