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  • Sydney Umstead, Asst. News Editor

Halloween scavenger hunt takes on Old Main

By Sydney Umstead, News Editor

The anime club is hosting their Halloween scavenger hunt on Oct. 27 at 4 p.m in Old Main 403. This will be the third year the event is held, and the club has compiled a list of prizes that will be available for the winning participants.

Molly Clare Wray, the president of the club, stated that the prizes awarded from the scavenger hunt will include “a lego set, a large capybara plush, a tamagotchi, figures [and] cups.” There will also be other prizes awarded.

To begin the scavenger hunt Wray explained that, “Tickets are placed around the main campus and participants are given questions that if answered correctly will give a hint as to where the tickets are located.” Following this, “a prize will be given to the participant based on the specific question.”

Participants are welcome and encouraged to dress up in costume. Wray discussed that the reason for this is to provide students with the opportunity to “freely express their interests by dressing up as their favorite character from a show, movie, anime” and more. For her, “Halloween is about being whoever you want to be and enjoying yourself.”

Wray was asked by The Griffin about any favorite Halloween costumes seen at the event. She disclosed that, “The coolest costume [she’s] seen so far would have to be someone who dressed up as a Pepsi can.”

Wray discussed how the Halloween events help increase student engagement on campus. She stated, “Usually we see larger turnouts for events held around Halloween due to the opportunity to win prizes.” Furthermore, she touched on some of the difficulties of keeping up with engagement and noted that, “success in keeping students engaged is making sure everyone has the opportunity to win a prize at our event.”

However, the struggle comes when deciding on how to “keep students engaged.” Wray went on to say that because of this it’s important for the club to “network our event as much as possible to make sure people know about our event details.”

After giving honorable mention to different animes such as “Death Note” and “Demon Slayer,” Wray reveals a Halloween favorite for the club is “Ghost Stories.” The show focuses on students who spend their time fighting various supernatural creatures. Wray stated that this show is “a hilarious, light hearted comedy rewritten by the voice actors themselves.”

The anime club housed at Canisius is, as Wray stated, “open to anyone regardless of how much anime you have watched.” She concluded, “even if you don’t know a lot of anime, you can always come to our events to get food, win prizes and participate in games, as we are very newcomer friendly.”

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