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Editor’s Picks: Our Favorite Classes at Canisius

Ava: ENG 111 (Academic Writing) with Dr. Blum. I loved that this class was centered around team learning, which created an environment where everyone is able to easily express their ideas on the contents of our class. In this class we learned how to practice academic writing through the exploration of literature from varying genres and mediums. I found this class to be very interesting because it had the same idea as most English classes: we read a text and then wrote about it, but we were expected to analyze and understand these advanced texts and discuss them in similarly advanced ways. Academic Writing is a class whose usefulness has been manifested in every other class that I have taken at Canisius by elevating my critical thinking skills and teaching me new ways to express my thoughts on different topics.

Patrick: PSC 150 (Comparative Politics). In an era when democracy itself is a hot topic, this class is a really fascinating look into how different countries “do democracy” differently. If you’re interested in learning why most democracies have more than two political parties, or why many don’t directly elect their president like we do, this class is a good way to fulfill your Field 5 (Social Sciences) core curriculum requirement.

Natalie: ENG 294 (Intro to Creative Writing) with Professor McNally. I am not being dramatic when I say this class changed my life. It was a seminar-style course and Professor McNally had us all sit in a circle to encourage conversation. The first half of class would normally be spent discussing the poems and short stories we had read for class that day; the other half would be spent peer editing each other’s writing. It was such a safe space, and Professor McNally created a great sense of community within the class. I still talk to my classmates regularly. Even if you think you aren’t a good writer, take the course anyway. It was an incredible experience, and it didn’t even feel like work. It was just fun!

Julia: ENG 147 (Acting I). I feel like I would be steering the new students in a wrong direction if I didn’t mention the acting class I took my sophomore year. I’m a pretty open and confident person, but getting up on stage in front of the class every Tuesday and Thursday was daunting. But I am so happy I did it. It taught me valuable acting skills and techniques (just in case I ever decide to completely switch my career). It taught me about theater and gave me a deeper appreciation for it. And, most importantly, it taught me that people aren’t really judging you as much as you think. We’d all get up on that stage and do our thing and would genuinely support each other, even when we messed up or embarrassed ourselves. It was a riot, and if you aren’t too stage shy, I’d definitely suggest taking it with a friend or two to fulfill the oral communication requirement.

Kyra: DMA 201 (Introduction to Digital Media Arts). In this digital age, it is extremely important to know all the platforms available to us. Regardless of your major or career path, you will benefit from knowing even just the basics of digital media. This introductory course encourages you to tap into your creative side in a variety of ways. Graphic design, videography and 3D animation are just a few areas to explore in this fun, interactive course!

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