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Club Spotlights

By Ava Green, Features Editor

Drawing Club: You do not have to be an artist to be involved with the drawing club. They meet every few weeks to host fun, art-based events. Previous events include sculpture night, collage night, origami night and an event where students can create artwork to be featured in Canisius’s literary magazine, the Quadrangle! Many students use the drawing club as a fun way to hang out with friends and decompress while still being creative and productive. Plus, you get a beautiful, self-made piece of art to bring home or to show off in your dorm room!

The Crescedon’ts: The “Don’ts'' are Canisius College’s premier a cappella group. They hold a concert at the end of each semester to showcase their hard work and talent, where they sing a variety of popular music and seasonal songs. The Crescendon’ts also sing at school events like Griffmas! This club is perfect for students who are looking for a place to sing and perform or to meet people with a shared love of all things music. They need soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices as well as beatboxers in their group. You can get involved by signing up for auditions while you're at the club fair.

Canisius Zoological Society (CZS): Canisius Zoological Society is open to all students who are interested in the appreciation and preservation of animals. Their goal is to educate our campus community about conservation and to partner with other organizations that will help further educate those in the Buffalo community. CZS is looking forward to a wider variety of events due to how many incoming freshmen will be studying Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation. These events include animal-themed painting nights, a Buffalo Zoo scavenger hunt, an aquarium sleepover, BioBlitz, a wildlife photography contest and so much more!

Afro-American Society (AAS): Afro-American Society is a club on campus that works in “uniting students to create racial harmony.” AAS strives to recognize the contributions of those who have worked towards justice before them and dedicate themselves to continuing that work. They do this through means of cultural, social, political and academic expression. They put on events such as Afro Ball, fashion shows, soul-food dinners, welcome-back BBQ, Black business expos and more. Their main focus is involving students in and appreciating Afro-American culture.

Undergraduate Student Association (USA): USA is one of the most involved organizations at Canisius. They work directly with faculty, staff and students to create lasting, positive changes to our school. USA strives for the betterment of the Canisius community by creating a discourse about events, policy and all things Canisius. They are always looking for new senators, e-board members, committee chairpersons and committee members. These positions also open doors to meetings with administrative staff and help them make decisions. It is a great way to get involved and make a difference at your school.

Residence Hall Association (RHA): This club, while focused on resident life, advocates for all students regardless of where they live. RHA hosts a variety of events throughout the year to create a more fulfilling environment for students. They include midnight breakfast, a sit-down Thanksgiving dinner or a late-night grilled cheese and nacho event. The club focuses on making students comfortable living on campus and taking care of them even if they are far from home. They host bi-weekly general body meetings open to all students to highlight and acknowledge the concerns and needs of our residing community.

Student Programming Board (RHA): SPB is composed of students who aim to enrich undergraduate student life by organizing events and activities for the Canisius community. They put on semi-formal dances, FallFest, GriffFest, Grocery Bingo and more throughout the year. They also work on smaller-scale giveaways and events. SPB is also in charge of Welcome Week at the beginning of each new semester. The Student Programming Board is always in need of new members to help plan and organize their plans, so if you want to make a difference and bring our student body together through fun events, look no further than SPB.

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