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  • Jon Dusza, News Editor

Canisius website tab briefly listed as “Canisius University”

By Jon Dusza, News Editor

For a few minutes around noon on Wednesday, March 1, the tab header for the Canisius College website read “Canisius University” instead of its traditional title of “Canisius College.”

Amid the speculation which has occurred over the last few years of Canisius rebranding itself as a university, this seemed to be something significant. However, upon further inspection from The Griffin, the development turned out to be nothing.

The Griffin reached out to Eileen Herbert, Canisius’s chief communications officer, who said that the temporary tab header was a part of tests that the college was running. The college was in the process of updating the school’s search engine optimization on Google, and it was testing how people search for Canisius on search engines. The college tested the words/phrases “Canisius,” “Canisius University” and “Canisius College,” hence the sudden change in tab header.

As far as The Griffin is aware, there has been no new developments regarding Canisius College’s branding as a College. This instance was nothing more than a test.

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