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  • Julian Reynoso

Beyond the Dome: Repercussions for a fake vaccination card

Since the virus first emerged on the world stage, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have touched all corners of the globe. It caused a quarantine that shut down businesses and schools, a decision that lasted for months essentially unchanged until earlier this year when the vaccine rolled out to the public. Individuals could schedule a date at their local clinic to receive one of three variations of the vaccine. Upon getting their first dose, they would be handed a card that confirmed when they had received the vaccine.

According to Erie County District Attorney John Flynn, “These [cards] are official government documents.” Although everyone who is officially vaccinated gets these, some have started to acquire fake vaccination cards.

Flynn stated in a video, “The other day we had one of our local colleges give us a call and tell us that during the check-in process of the students, they were able to identify some students that allegedly had fake vaccination cards.” A new charge in New York State brought up by Flynn may cause individuals to think twice.

“A fake vaccination card and displaying that for entry into college is a Class D felony,” Flynn said. “It is a possession of a forged instrument, that has a punishment of a max of 7 years in prison.” However, Flynn does not intend to enact this rule unless the number of cases of alleged fake vaccination cards grows too high.

“Now, if it becomes a problem and more and more universities call me up and it becomes perhaps a health problem on the campus, then I may reconsider,” he said.

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